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What the Right Website Can Do for You

A website shouldn't be viewed as an 'expense'.

When designed and developed properly, your website will become a positive investment. An invaluable tool that works for you and your business. When you place your trust in 51 Ways web design Lincolnshire, we will create a website for you that does 3 things:

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Get More Attention

Did you know, you have less than 6 seconds to grab the attention of the visitors who land on your website before they hit the ‘back’ button and visit your competitors?

Not long is it?

We can help capture the attention of your visitors as soon as they land on your website, keeping them there long enough for you to communicate your message.

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Create Positive Impressions

A website is essentially a silent salesman. Ask yourself if you’d buy something from a salesman that doesn’t bother to iron his shirt or press his trousers? Neither would we!

A poorly designed website is exactly the same as the scruffy salesman. First impressions count, especially online. We can help you make that first impression a positive one.

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Increase Profits

The ultimate goal, right?

When we develop a website, we do it with your profits in mind.

Every website we design is optimised to encourage your visitors to take the specific actions you want them to take. Whether it be to submit a contact form, make a phone call or buy your products directly off the page.

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Eye-Catching Design

Looks matter - a lot!

Standing out from the crowd is key to convincing your visitors to work with you instead of your competitors.

Before we start the creative process we take time to understand your industry and your target market. Armed with this understanding we can create stunning websites that have the all important 'Wow Factor'.

Eye Catching Design

Works on Any Device

(We call this responsive design)

In April 2015 Google updated their search algorithm to prioritise mobile optimised websites in their search engine results.

If your website hasn't been developed for use on mobile devices, not only could your visitors could have difficulty browsing, your website might not even show up in the search engine results pages. As a result, you could be losing precious leads and sales to your competitors.

Every website we design is optimised for use on mobile devices, giving your visitors the best possible browsing experience.

Responsive Websites

Simple User Experience

When we design and build your website, we do so with the end user in mind.

The front end (the part of the website that your visitors see) will look good and work properly on whatever device it's being viewed on. Your site will be simple to navigate and with our 3 click principle, your visitors will always be able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

The back end (or the websites admin panel) will be very intuitive and easy to use, which means you can update your website whenever you need to.

Approaching Things Differently

With thousands of web design companies, agents and freelancers out there you might be wondering why you should choose 51 Ways to build your website. Many web designers can build impressive websites. We build striking, functional websites that are optimised to promote the specific actions you want your visitors to take.

Here's how we do it;

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Call us old fashioned but we like to actually meet the people we work with, so the first thing we’ll do is come to visit you for a chat.

To find out as much as we can about your business we’ll ask lots of questions – what you do, who your target market is and what the primary objectives of your website will be.

So get the kettle on!

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Using the information we have gathered from you, we will start designing your website.

The design will be optimised to achieve the specific goals you want your website to accomplish, whether that be to make sales, generate phone calls or contact form submissions.

We will work with you to achieve a design you and your visitors will love.

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This is where your website comes to life.

We will build in the functionality and key components making sure it’s as easy as possible for you to update and your visitors to browse.

It will be optimised through responsive design so that it works properly on all types of device from mobile phones to large desktop computers.

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Your new website will be thoroughly tested to make sure all the features work properly in all browsers and on all devices.

You’ll be able to test everything yourself and once you give your final approval we will upload your website to our servers and it will be officially launched.

We will give you all the training you need so you can update the site as and when you need to.

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We have been part some really exciting projects and have been privileged enough to make a positive difference to the businesses that we have worked with. Here are our latest projects.

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